Thursday, October 21, 2010



Born at somewhere!
Brought up at somewhere!
Landed at somewhere!
We are the coins moved by the time!
What will be our life tomorrow?
Nobody knows and nobody can guess!
We are floating like clouds
Sailing with the wind!
Oh! Human beings!
Encash the Today and
Enjoy the life to the brim!

Nurture positive attitude!

Avarice, Jealousy and Ego
Entangle the life and
Engulf the peace of mind!
Breed irritation and tension!
Make you a laughing stalk before all!
Beware and brush aside negative attitude!
Develop and nurture positive attitude!

Make life pleasant
Nobody can spoil your image!
Nobody can injure your mind!
You are always you are!
Your merits and demerits
Are always judged by your attitudes!
Give up narrow minded approach!
Shake hands with generous and gentle nature!
Give and take is the essence of life!
Others hurl stones at you? Smile!
Others shower flowers at you? Smile!
Meet the blame and fame with a gentle smile!

Children are best teachers

Mingle with the children!
Sing ding dong bell!
Dance to their tunes!
Run! Jump! And walk with them!
Create time and spare with them!
Children prove our ignorance!
They teach new lessons everyday!
Many time we become nothing before them!
Our superiority complex gets shattered!
They laugh at us and open our closed minds!
Children fight like uncompromising enemies!
Hug and shake hands next minute as if nothing has happened!
Behave like children and be happy always!
Yes! children are best teachers!

Momentary happiness – asset of the children

Worthless! Meaningless! Things may be !
Yet they are worthy and meaningful!
Children feel in their own way!
If possible, buy them and gift them!
To comply with children’s demand!
They will have momentary happiness!
They feel them as priceless assets!
Next moment they may destroy!
Do not bother !
Momentary happiness keeps them bright
With meaningful satisfied smile!
It is not an expense!
But an investment!